Siri on Security

Security Researchers are constantly finding new ways to hack locked iPhones using Siri

I should know. For the past year, I have been living with an incredibly talented and motivated Security Researcher: my one-year old son.  I naively thought that handing him a locked phone would keep him entertained. Wheee! The buttons change colors when you touch them! Instead, my In House Security Researcher was able to:

  • Take photos of the rug
  • Access the camera roll - and delete really cute photos!
  • Send emails
  • Place 911 calls
  • Place Skype calls to people on my Skype Contact list
  • Play music.
  • Make Siri execute random tasks which sound like "Mama"

Here is how you disable all this on lock screen:

  1. Disable Siri. Go to Settings->Siri and turn it off. 
  2. Notifications. Got to Notifications, and tap each program individually. Think carefully what you want to allow on Lock Screen.  Some of these may accidentally allow access to the actual program when locked.
  3. Update Lock Screen. Go to Touch ID and Passcode In the section Allow Access When Locked, turn everything off. This includes Today View, Notifications View, Reply with Message, Home Control, and Wallet.  You want 

Getting the Camera (and your photos!) off the Lock Screen is not very convenient. You need to go to Settings->General->Restrictions and then enable Restrictions. At this point, you can select apps to remove entirely.  They will be gone from the Lock Screen - and your phone.  You would need to go back to Settings->General->Restrictions and enable the camera to get it back.  For most people, this is not worth the hassle.

Note: In iOS 10, Apple disabled most Siri settings, so hopefully we will have less "Mama" commands in the future.